Mon,June 25, 2018
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The Tanzania Development Vision 2025 states that “we need to have a nation whose people have a positive mindset and culture, which cherishes human development through hard and smart work, professionalism, entrepreneurship, creativity, innovativeness and ingenuity and who have confidence in and high respect for all people irrespective of gender.”  Improved quality of secondary education is a strategic component of this vision. The Education and Training Policy (ETP 1995) listed “preparing students for the world of work” as one of the three main purposes for secondary education. In fact, the Secondary Education Development Plan (SEDP 2004-2009) stresses that quality improvement is to be pursued, inter alia, through “a focused and streamlined curriculum, which addresses development of analytical skills and market demands” and “adequate and qualified teachers in all schools and diploma teacher training colleges”.

The challenge to the Tanzanian society is not only tackling the already sizeable unemployed and underemployed population, but also attracting the youth into productive activities. Every year hundreds of thousands of school leavers search for gainful employment In realization of this dire need and in line with the Country’s stated policies as well as Vision 2025, the Government of Tanzania through Tanzania Institute of Education (TIE), Ministry of Education and Vocational Training in partnership with the United Nations Industrial Development organization (UNIDO) is undertaking a project to develop and introduce an entrepreneurship education curricula in secondary schools (Forms 1-4) and in diploma teachers training colleges (TTCs).

Entrepreneurship education in secondary schools is part of the general education of young people for the real world-of-work and life. It aims at developing an enterprising mindset among students by stimulating their abilities to become creative and innovative, generate and turn ideas into actions as well as by equipping them with the basic understanding of the start-up process and management of business and other gainful activities. Entrepreneurship education enables the students to gain self confidence, use available local resources for developing economic, social or cultural opportunities into practical gainful activities, become constructive, active and enterprising persons whether at school, home, work or play. The students also learn how to co-operate or network to achieve personal or group, community or national goals.

By introducing it into the general education system, entrepreneurship education will help to develop an enterprising Tanzanian population as a whole (rather than only those that have decided to start or grow their businesses) by enabling the very many students to acquire and apply their entrepreneurial competences in their daily lives be it in economic, social or cultural activities.

The syllabi for entrepreneurship education were developed and validated by the education sector’s key stakeholders in March 2010. The relevant teaching materials; the teachers and tutors manuals, and the student and student teachers’ manuals are also being finalized. TIE selected secondary schools and diploma teacher training colleges in the districts of Kinondoni, Morogoro Urban and Korogwe to pilot the curricula as part of its development process.

To prepare a solid ground for the successful introduction of entrepreneurship into the education system, sensitization workshops were in April 2011 conducted for teachers, tutors and administrators from pilot schools and colleges as well as the districts’ education officials to inform them and solicit their support. 

As part of the curriculum development process and in preparation for the commencement of the curriculum piloting exercise, Tanzania Institute of Education (TIE) is in partnership with the United Nations Industrial Development organization (UNIDO) conducted an in service training workshop for teachers and tutors which took place in Korogwe District (one of the pilot districts) from 22 May to 04 June 2011. The piloting exercise in  Diploma Teacher training Colleges begun in August 2011.


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TET inapenda kuutarifu umma kuwa Kuanzia tarehe 1/2/2018 haitapokea fedha taslimu za malipo ya huduma inazotoa. Malipo yote yalipwe kupitia benki.

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Taasisi ya Elimu Tanzania (TET) inapenda kuutahadharisha umma kuhusu kuwepo ukiukwaji wa matumizi ya Mihtasari ya Elimu inayoandaliwa na TET.

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