Mon,June 25, 2018
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Tanzania is among Governments which agreed to implement and achieve the goals of Education for ALL (EFA) by 2015. For a successful implementation of these goals, Tanzania Institute of Education (TIE) in collaboration with UNESCO developed two frameworks i.e. Monitoring literacy competence framework and framework to guide the implementation of inclusive education and Non-Formal Education across teacher education curriculum-certificate level.

Both frameworks were disseminated to stakeholders for improvements before being piloted to teachers colleges. Framework for monitoring literacy competence was piloted to Mhonda and Vikindu Teachers Colleges while the framework for inclusive education was piloted at Mhonda and Patandi Teachers Colleges. The frameworks were developed after team of experts had analyzed and identified gaps within the teacher education curriculum-certificate course. These frameworks are expected to improve quality education, relevance and promote learning achievement by ALL learners.

The framework for the implementation of Inclusive education was developed to help the community to change their mindset in providing appropriate responses to a range of learning needs in formal, informal and non-formal education settings. It is an attempt to transform education system in such a way that the diversity of learners’ population and learning characteristics are addressed and respond to in a unified system.

The adaptation of inclusive education policy by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (MoEVT) signaled a new move towards the provision of education for ALL. This is based on the understanding that ‘education is a fundamental human right’ and is responsive to the broader constitutional framework which requires that ‘education is directed to the full development of the human personality and sense of dignity and strengthening the respect for human rights and fundamental freedom. However, implementation of inclusive education reflects poor coordination among institutions within curriculum management cycles leading to original state of affairs. These weaknesses affect quality of the curriculum and hence undermine the very essence of inclusive education.

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TET inapenda kuutarifu umma kuwa Kuanzia tarehe 1/2/2018 haitapokea fedha taslimu za malipo ya huduma inazotoa. Malipo yote yalipwe kupitia benki.

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Taasisi ya Elimu Tanzania (TET) inapenda kuutahadharisha umma kuhusu kuwepo ukiukwaji wa matumizi ya Mihtasari ya Elimu inayoandaliwa na TET.

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