Mon,June 25, 2018
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Joint Initiative to Support Learning


The Tanzania Institute of Education (TIE) in collaboration with the University of Bristo (UK), the University of Dodoma and the Aga Khan University in Tanzania have secured a funding to support a project to strengthen learning in secondary schools. The project titled “Language Supportive Teaching and Textbooks in Tanzania (LaSTT)” will involve the writing of textbooks which will be simple to use but containing the entire contents as described in the respective syllabi. The project, estimated to cost about £242,000, will involve the writing of textbooks for three subjects, which are Biology, Mathematics and English. One of the main intentions of the project is to facilitate a friendly transition from primary schools to secondary schools, overcoming the language barrier, which is seen by many as a hindrance in learning during the first year of secondary school. In that respect the books to be written will be for the first two years of secondary education, that is form one and form two.

In Tanzania, the transition from a public primary school to secondary school involves a change in the teaching language from Kiswahili to English, and this to some students poses a barrier in the understanding of the subject matter in the first years of secondary school education. While the change in the medium of instruction is essential for placing the students in the global academic arena, where English is the language of choice, there is a need to smoothen the transition so that it does not affect the academic development of the learners.

This project which is led by Dr Angeline M. Barrett of the University of Bristol, will involve a team of researchers from the University of Dodoma and the Aga Khan University who will work together with curriculum coordinators from the Tanzania Institute of Education to develop the intended textbooks. The project will offer special skills to TIE curriculum developers that will increase their expertise in writing useful textbooks for second-language learners. The Institute needs such expertise in order to design and produce new textbooks for all subjects that will suit the current curriculum and particularly for students in the first year of secondary school. The project will further involve teacher educators who will be equipped with proper skills to prepare teachers to effectively use the textbooks in ways that support language acquisition. The project is thus, injecting essential expertise at a key point in the book production process that will help both teachers’ and pupils’ in the learning process”.

The TIE subject experts who shall be involved in this project will be Mr. Makoye J.N Wangeleja and Ms. Ratera S. Mayar (Mathematics), Ms. Juliana B. Mosi and Ms. Aisha Ghuhiya (Biology) and lastly Mr. Stomin Msaka and Ms. Demetria Hyera (English).

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News and Events


TET inapenda kuutarifu umma kuwa Kuanzia tarehe 1/2/2018 haitapokea fedha taslimu za malipo ya huduma inazotoa. Malipo yote yalipwe kupitia benki.

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Taasisi ya Elimu Tanzania (TET) inapenda kuutahadharisha umma kuhusu kuwepo ukiukwaji wa matumizi ya Mihtasari ya Elimu inayoandaliwa na TET.

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