Sat,October 22, 2016
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Printing Press
Chart for proposed Printing Factory
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                                                       Printing Press Unit
Mr. Zuberi Abdallah  Mr. Colman Kimaryo Arafa Sharif
   Mr. Abdallah Zuberi               Mr. Colman Kimaryo                              Arafa Sharif
      Editor I                              Printing Manager                                      Editor II
1.0 Establishment and Leadership
The Printing Unit was established in 2009. Before this set up, there existed what
was known as TIE Publications Unit (TPU). According to TIE’s Scheme of
Service revised 2009, the printing Manager is a holder of a Bachelor’s degree in
printing and at least 5 years experience in the field or holder of Diploma in
Printing with experience of more than ten years. The unit is headed by a Printing
Manager who has more than 25 years in the Printing industry and  is assisted
 by two editors. This Unit now works under the Directorate of Research
Information and Publications (RIP); handling all printing and publications

2.0 Core functions
The core functions are the following:-
2.1 To advice the Director General on the Institute’s printing activities
2.1 Receive manuscripts from Director RIP
2.2 Plan for typesetting and graphic designing
2.3 Set technical specifications for printing
2.4 Set security systems to safeguard publications; e.g placing water marks.
2.5 Make soft copies for all publications which are ready  for printing.
2.6 Take hard and soft copies to Chief of Procurement, Supplies and Logistics
2.7 Check printed publications for quantity during delivery.
2.8 Observe delivery times with suppliers as per the printing contract.
2.9 To continue persuading TIE to establish a Printing factory at TIE
3.0 Working Tools
3.1 TIE Corporate Strategic Plan 2011-2016
3.2 TIE almanac of events
3.3 Printing feasibility Study report for TIE
3.4 Sheria na Kanuni za TET
3.5 Sheria ya kuanzisha TET
4.0 Upcoming Events
        For the time being the Printing Unit, unofficially is tasked to handle various
        educational exhibitions and other public events relevant for TIE to publicize
        itself. TIE is expected to participate in the coming Sabasaba and any other
5.0 Contact Information
The Printing Manager;
Mob: 0784 303834; E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


News and Events


Tanzania Institute of Education (TIE) announces Tender for Printing and Supplying Standard III Text Books which is due for bidding as of 30/9/2016

Click to download the invitation document

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