Sun,August 28, 2016
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Research Information and Publications (RIP)


Research, Information and Publication Department (RIPD) is the one of the four departments of Tanzania Institute of Education (TIE). RIPD was established in2010 when the new TIE structure bocome operational. Prior to that the department was called Research, Information and Training (RIT) Department.

The main functions of DRIP are to:

  • Conduct and coordinate research and evaluation of educational programmes undertaken by TIE in schools and Teachers colleges for curriculum improvement.
  • Conduct and coordinate monitoring of the implementation of the curriculum in schools colleges.
  • Provide consultancy services in various issues concerning educational programmes.
  • Conduct and coordinate the tryout of the developed curriculum and accompanying materials for schools and colleges.
  • Disseminate information to TIE staff and public regarding curriculum and its implementation.
  • Publish TIE research reports, journals, calendars, flyers, brochures, charts, posters, newsletters, manuals, guides, syllabuses, modules frameworks, books and otherpublications on audio- materials.


The Department of Research, Information and Publications is divided into two sections namely the Monitoring and Evaluation Section and Research, Publication andconsultancy Section. DRIP is headed by the Director who is responsible to the director General of the Institute.

Monitoring and Evaluation Section (ME)

Main functions are to:

  • Initiate,plan and coordinate monitoring and evaluation of implementation of the curriculum at Pre- primary, Primary, Secondary and Teachers college level.
  • Monitor and evaluate educational programmes in collaborations with relevant departments agencies.
  • Monitor, disseminate and evaluate of findings for curriculum implementors and other stakeholders, and linkage with local and international organization involved incurriculum research and evaluation.

Research,Publication and Consultancy Section (RPC)

Main functions are to:

  • Conduct needs assessment for initiation of new education programmes.
  • Conduct research on curriculum issues such as learning achievements and classroom interactions.
  • Process and publish educational materials, including research reports, guides, manuals syllabuses, frameworks, textbooks, calendars, flyers, newsletters, posters, modules and subject kits user.
  • Develop research and consultancy policies. and also provide consultancy services in educational matters at different education levels.
  • Design and publish newsletters, journals and flyers for information dissemination to TIE staff and the public.
  • Design and publish newsletters, journals and flyers for information dissemination to TIE staff and the public.
  • Explore opportunities for collaboration and linkage with local and international organization involved in curriculum research and evaluation.

Mode of Operation

DRIP uses expertise and experience available within the department of Curriculum Development and Review (CDR) , Educational Materials Design Development (EMDD) andCentre for Curriculum Training ( CCT) in carrying out educational researches and evaluation in Pre- primary, Primary, Secondary and Teacher educational level.DRIP main activities which are carried out in collaboration with Ministry of Education and Vocational Training and other education partners include designing and editing syllabuses, manuals, modules, guide and reports.


News and Events

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Extension of Submission Date in Respect of Tender No. PA/070/2015/2016/G/04 which was earlier advertised by TIE

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